Saving Smartphones That Take The Plunge

Everyone has different theories on how to save your cell phone if it accidentally falls into a basin of water, or worse, the toilet bowl. I am happy to report that our friends at CNET, one of the utmost authorities in everything digital, have published the most definitive steps to take if your smartphone accidentally takes the plunge

Here you go.

Step 1. Turn your phone off immediately,

Step 2. Dry the outside of the phone with a lint-free towel, paying close attention to any ports, speakers, and microphones.

Step 3. Place the device and parts in a zip-top storage bag, along with a handful of silica gel packets.

Step 4. Wait 72 hours before turning on. This is probably the hardest part.

Step 5. Power your phone on. You should be back in business

For a more detailed explanation, click here.

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