I Don’t Want To Be Normal

Illustration: Gapingvoid.

I am hypermanic. A doctor friend diagnosed me a few years ago. It means that I see things large. For example, if someone tells me he or she just bought a boat, I immediately picture big Hollywood parties, lots of girls in bikinis, drinks galore, and lots of air-blown kisses.

If someone tells me he or she got a new job, I picture all kinds of great opportunities for that person. Or if someone says they are buying a new house, I picture a mansion. I get overly excited about how things can positively influence my life.

This is very strange thinking for a person who is very negative. The sky is always falling and I have to do my darnedest not to get hit in the head. It’s difficult to believe that someone so negative can be hypermanic. Yep, that’s me. I see that in myself. A lot of people think I exaggerate at times. I am just explaining how I see a situation through my hypermanic lens.

For the last week or so . I tried being normal. It doesn’t work for me. It even made me fall asleep last night without posting. I have written over 1000 posts, and I never forgot to publish. This whole new routine of trying to be normal and getting to bed at a reasonable hour, is killing me. I am sleeping seven hour nights now and I am more exhausted than ever. I used to only got three or four hours a sleep every night and that suited me fine.

Be sure to read yesterday’s DigiDame about an extraordinary toaster. As for me, I am going back to not being normal. It just a more comfortable place to be.

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