Become A Sommelier

Most of us know very little about wine even though we like the way it tastes. Every time I tried to learn more, the information seems to be insurmountable. At this stage of my life, I am not about to devote years to become a wine expert.

That is why I was all ears when my friend Howard told me about Wine Glass. It’s an app that allows us to take a photo of a specific wine, (on a menu or label), and then instantly get background info, reviews, and what we should pay for a bottle. Wine Glass will also help us find the wines we like and give us the education we always desired.

Wine Glass was developed by Roddy Lindsay, a Facebook veteran and data scientist. It features an optical character recognition technology which enables the app to read menus and labels. The reference material is from CellarTracker, a wine data base.

By the way, the app costs $5.00. You should be able defray that cost as you save money on future wine purchases.



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