Read This Before You Buy A New Bike

From the New York Times

A lot of my friends are taking their bike riding seriously. In the last few days, several pals told me they ditched their old bikes for new ones. The basic reason is that they want to look good on the road. Their old bikes date them. They now want to look relevant, appropriate and seasoned.

Here is a warning for those who want to buy a new bike. Carbon fiber is the new material that is replacing steel and aluminum in the body of bikes and in the wheels. All that is good for those who race in the Tour de France because of its lightness and flexible design.

However, a New York Times article just revealed that riders on carbon fiber bikes could be in great danger if they crash. Carbon fiber does not bend in a crash like steel and aluminum. It shatters. Riders are often hurled into the air.

To read more about what was considered a hush, hush topic until the NY Times published the piece, click here.

My girl friend Sheri avoided this situation completely when she recently bought her bike. See below. She is doing over six miles each outing several times a week.

Sheri we are proud of you!

Sheri’s bike.

3 thoughts on “Read This Before You Buy A New Bike

    • Thank you Jane and Lois!!! The reason I got a tryke is I wanted to ride like I did as a kid so, not thinking i’m 66 I went to buy a 2 wheeler, got on the bike and fell on my ass and said no way!!! But, I wanted a way to burn up alot of pent up anger cause just boxing wasn’t enough!!! I looked into getting a tryke andmy kids laughed at me and my hubby saaid I’d never use it!!! Well, I showed them…at first I could only ride on my street and was petrified to go further and now, I’m doing laps around the lake. I love this tryke and would recommend it to anyone looking to just get out there, not race, but just move your body and enjoy being on a bike again…

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