Stopovers On the Panama Canal


Please check out yesterday’s post. All you have to do is scroll down.

Yesterday we visited the tropical islands of San Bias Province, home of the Guna Indians.

Located along the Caribbean coast of Panama, this area is reminiscent of the South Seas. We anchored off of Achutupo Island where we met some of the Guna people and examined their handicrafted molas (elaborately embroidered cloths depicting birds, animals, and mythical figures, in cut work appliqué). For $40, we bought a new art piece from the Matisse of the Gunas.

The small cruise ship we are on has interruptions in its Internet transmissions. I’m told every ship going through the Panama Canal has the same experience.

The water is very bouncy, so I am learning to tolerate the constant movement. It really rocks when we are sleeping. Objects fly off the shelves if they are not secured down. The thing I hate the most is not having 24/7 Internet access. I am able to travel all the time because I can work remotely, but not this time. Hopefully the conditions will improve.

This is what we do when we are cruising along:







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