The Last Day In Costa Rica 

Farewell Dinner 

Ron and Andrea Hein, our traveling buddies. They live in Los Angeles and New York. 

Ron and Andrea  are in the entertainment business. They are very private so I can’t tell you who they really are, at least in writing. 

This is their buddy Billy O’Connor.

Our new Manhattan friends, Paul and Sandra Graf. Ronny and Barry Baker of Chicago. They met at the University of Illinois. She picked him out of the yearbook. Her friend found out who he was and introduced then. The rest is history.

Joe and Kandy Ginsburg of Chicago. Her mother met him in an elevator and said “I’m fixing you up with my daughter.” He called her the next day and said, “I’m asking you out for tonight. I’m giving this one shot. If you are available, fine. If not, just forget it.” She went. Love at first sight even though she couldn’t remember his name. 


Andrea and I snuggle with the coffee beans. 

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