When You Want Something Bad Enough 



Images from Kengurucars.com and Grist.org

This is a blog post about a remarkable young woman who, through sheer determination, is bringing a new kind of independence to people who use wheelchairs. 

Stacy Zoern is the reason why the Kenguru automobile, which has been designed for manual wheelchairs, is being manufactured. Another model, designed for motorized wheelchairs, is now on the drawing board.  

You have to watch the video interview with Stacy to completely understand the power of ambition. It has no limits. Many of us have to be reminded of this every time a new challenges appears. I certainly do.

Stacy Zoern was born with muscular atrophy. She always had to depend on very expensive “clunky vans” or friends for transportation. Then she found the startup Kenguru. The perfect car to be completely independent. 

When Stacy went to order it, she found out that the company didn’t have the funds for manufacturing. Since Stacy is used to huge challenges everyday of her life, she helped Kenguru get to the finish line.

The Kenguru sells for $25,000.


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