David Pogue To Guest Star In “39 Steps”

This is what David Pogue posted on Facebook. Pogue is seated front and center.

David Pogue, a personal technology columnist for Yahoo Tech, a tech correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning, a columnist for Scientific American, and a former technology columnist for The New York Times, has agreed to appear in “39 Steps,” a Broadway show produced by my pal Doug Denoff. The show is on 17th Street and Park Avenue South, Union Square Theatre. Pogue is also the host of NOVA ScienceNow on PBS and was the host of the NOVA specials

I’m thrilled Pogue agreed to be in the show, because I arranged it. Many people don’t know this, but Pogue has a music background. He graduated from Yale University in 1985 summa cum laude, earning a bachelor’s degree in music . He spent 10 years working in New York, some of that time in the office of Music Theatre International and as a conductor and arranger in Broadway musicals.

I knew Pogue would be a natural to join the show. I’m a matchmaker by trade. Most work days, I spend pitching my heart out to members of the media for products, services, or people my company, HWH PR, represents. My agency also networks sponsorships, promotions, contests, and partnerships between two companies or a personality and a company. 

It’s mentally exhausting. The highs and lows are like being on a seesaw. However, when you score a biggie like Pogue, it makes everything else worthwhile. Pogue (along with others yet to be announced) agreed to play the part of the guest assassin. Doug and I came up with this PR stunt to gain attention for the show. It is a fun role with lots of surprises. Stay tuned.

Get your own tickets at 39stepsny.com


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