Monte Carlo Glitz

I have been searching for an ex-client of mine, Stan Weston, for years now. He just disappeared . He lived in Cap Ferrat for decades. The last two times I was here, we visited with him. He invented G.I. Joe, even though the toy company he gave the idea to, Hasbro, never gave him credit for it. 

They gave him a check for $100,000 50 years ago and they went on to make billions. Read all about it here. Stan grew up in NY but fell in love with the French Riviera. I never thought he would leave the area. He must be close to 80. I have been searching the Internet and social media. Zip. Where are you Stan? 

Photos by Eliot Hess 



3 thoughts on “Monte Carlo Glitz

  1. Love the hat! Wish we could be with you………Spending the last few days going back and forth to the hospital, again, for Steve. Enjoy seeing Eliot’s beautiful photos the last few days.

  2. Lois & Eliot: You finally found me – exactly 2-years ago [July,2013] sold my apt. in St. Jean – and moved here, Santa Monica, CA – to have fun and laugh a lot in this final chapter of my life. Am loving it here – great apt. on Ocean Avenue – main drag- fabulous views of the action and the Pacific. Am 82 but am still keeping a couple of hot chicks extra-happy. Would love to hear from you guys anytime [email: — cell: 310.405.5116] Stay Happy and Laugh a Lot. Best, Stan

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