NY Taxi Cabs Fight Back 

Photos provided by Arro.

I’m surprised this didn’t happen before. Crain’s New York just reported that yellow and green taxis in the city that never sleeps have a new app that will compete with Uber. Called Arro, the smartphone app promises to be less expensive and more efficient than Uber.

I immediately went to the App Store to download Arro. Oops, I found out it’s not ready yet, but will be a few weeks. Seven thousand cabs will be involved in the initial rollout and then the entire industry will join in. If successful in New York, other cities with a big taxi fleet will be using Arro as well.

The Crain’s story explains that Arro has a good chance of competing against Uber because of its partnership with Creative Mobile Technologies, the tech company that is already working with thousands of NYC taxis. 

I combed through all the news on Arro to see what their big appeal will be. I found it. If they want to be successful, they have to let potential riders know that their fares will not fluctuate in peak hours. Current meters will determine the price.

This is going to be interesting.







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