This Is No Ordinary Video 


I shot this video on the Periscope app. That means that while I was taping, other Periscope members were watching it live. The app is now owned by Twitter. 

I tried to give you an easy explanation so that you completely understand that if you tape video footage on Periscope, you have become a live broadcaster. There are no second takes and no do-overs. As you are taping on Periscope, you actually see the list of people tuning in to watch your video. It can be a little intimidating. 

Once my broadcast is over, the video gets posted on my Twitter account and I can choose to save it in my camera roll. If I do save it, I can then forward it to non-Twitter users. That’s you.

I encourage all of you to try Periscope. You have not experienced anything like it. You have watched your favorite commentators tell you a story about news event. Here is your chance to be the storyteller. By the way, most Periscope videos do not feature the broadcasters on the screen. We hear their voice explaining the video. It is really a lot of fun.

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