Amazing Odds And Ends 


I just wanted to share a different type of  editorial hit that we (HWH PR) achieved on Good Morning America today for Waterpik’s Water Flosser. It didn’t cost our client a thing. It looks  like an advertisement but it’s strictly editorial. The segment is called Deals and Steals. I’m not allowed to tell you the exact number but Waterpik sold more units than anticipated across all time zones. I just wanted to share this amazing exposure with you.  

Oldest Synagogue In America

I met Erica Goldberg on our River Cruise a few years ago on the Douro River, Portugal.  Of course, we are Facebook friends ever since. I loved one of her recent posts because many of you have been there. 

A Broadway Debut

Here I go again. I met Victoria Lang at the beginning of my career when she was a producer for “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.” I used to pitch her editorial concepts all the time. She has had a fantastic TV career, and for the last two decades, has been producing Broadway Shows. This is the latest.




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