I Would Fall Asleep Immediately

I have seen a lot of strange workstations in my career, but this is too much to believe. This is not a joke. I just can’t imagine having a professional conversation with someone literally lying down. What a hoot.

Altwork, a Sonoma Valley, Calif. startup, wants the workforce to be completely comfortable. The company has designed a workstation for “high-intensity” computer users: programmers, writers, etc. I first read about this on Mashable.

The Altwork Station features customized positions, all controllable by using buttons on the desk surface. Standing and sitting normally are the expected positions. Focus allows you to recline the chair to be completely horizontal. Altwork equipped the desk with magnets to keep the keyboard, mouse and other accessories in place.

Altwork’s website says, “The ability to seamlessly work in a variety of different positions will increase efficiency for those so-called  ‘high-intensity’ computer users.”

For those who love this concept, get ready to spend $3,900. That’s the  “early adopter” price, so act fast.


1 thought on “I Would Fall Asleep Immediately

  1. I’d go for that, everything but the cost part, that is! We spend so much time sitting at our computers, positioning our arm at an angle that encourages repetitive motion syndrome. This might help with my sore arm!

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