Update On Getting You A Job


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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was interested in helping folks over 55 get a meaningful job, full or part time. By meaningful, I mean something that makes a difference in the company. 

I started to reach out to major companies: like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon,  etc. Sometimes, I am contacting the human relations/resources department, other times I know someone at a senior level. 

My pitch is that someone who is a little older will have the patience to get the job done. They wanted to know more. I made a list of reasons to hire someone 55-plus but my friend Gary Greenberg nailed it.  See below. If you have anything to add, let me know.

Hi Lois

“Below are my list of reasons why older workers are perfect to solve a corporate issue, staffing deficiency and difficult problems that are not getting the proper attention. 

In these situations a semi-retired senior executive or upper middle level manager could be perfect to be injected into the right situation on a temporary or interim basis and here are the 10 reasons why:

 In most cases:

 1) They want to re-enter the market in a part time or temporary basis which means they are more motivated to perform and less focused on higher pay

2) They  are not interested in out shining their boss or upsetting the hierarchy but rather in doing a good job so they are remember when the next assignment surfaces

3) They will work for less than expected as long as it is reasonable and respectable

4) Older workers are more punctual and more engaged then younger works as shown in a few studies

5) They bring experience and insight that far exceeds the younger managers who based on the purging of senior workings during the financial crisis rose very quickly to their current positions.

6) There is no need for fringe benefits as these workers will work as 1099 contractors

7) Once a company hires a few senior managers on a project or interim basis, they will quickly help find others via their personal network or on LinkedIn.

8) The level of sophistication on computers is quite good and in fact, older professionals spend less time than younger workers managing their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

9) Older workers are not career oriented but more concerned about the details and contributing to the overall success.

10) The older professional of today who is 65 has the energy and attitude of the 55 year old of the past.”

Gary Greenberg

Let me know if you have anything to add. I’m trying to change an attitude, industry by industry.

  Thank you  


4 thoughts on “Update On Getting You A Job

  1. Wish you would not refer to our generation as ‘old folks’. My mother was in her 90’s and didn’t think she was old – just that she had never been that age before! At what age does someone become ‘old’? Mindset has a lot to do with aging…

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