Non Digital Creativity 

After a hectic week of work assignments and racing around with family and friends in Los Angeles, my cousin Hanna and I just wanted an evening of old fashion arts and crafts. Hanna is the only one who is willing to sit with me for hours acting as my art coach. I was completely relaxed and didn’t think of checking my iPhone.

Years past we made string bracelets, tile frames and collage masks decorated with magazine and newspapers clippings. Tonight, I graduated to acrylic paintings. Hanna outlined an abstract drawing and I filled it in. After tonight, I really think I am ready to free draw on my own. I am excited to experiment. Let’s see. Stay tuned. 

painting by Lois


painting by Hanna


2 thoughts on “Non Digital Creativity 

  1. They’ve begun to sell coloring books designed for adults – more complex pictures than the ones we enjoyed as children. I’m glad, because coloring has always been one of the most therapeutic things for me to do. Ever so much more relaxing than video games. I got tired of puppies, Barbie and princesses, but drawing is not my gift.

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