In The Blink Of An Eye

I have always wanted a home monitoring system. I have a lot of service people going in and out of my apartments in New York and Miami, so I always feel like I have to monitor the premises to make sure no one  is overstaying their welcome.

I never bought a home monitor system because they were complicated to install and use. They were also very pricey. 

I came across Blink4Home because my friend Steve Greenberg featured it on several of his TV innovation shows.  Coincidentally, a former client is an investor in the company as well.

Click here to see Steve demonstrate Blink on Seattle NBC TV.

I am definitely going to buy Blink4Home because you can place the video monitors anywhere you want to. No wires, no plugs. A year long battery allows you be totally flexible and versatile for your own personal monitoring needs.

It features HD video technology directly to the Blink4Home app on your smartphone. It so affordable, I just may get extra monitors to be on the safe side.

$79 Two-camera system
$139 Three-camera system
$189 Five-camera system

Blink4Home recommends  “a system that covers your entryways and windows, monitors the garage, or keeps a watchful eye over the kids’ rooms (or even the cookie jar).”

Very cute but the suggestions gets you thinking what else you need to watch over. 

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