Just In Case   

Image: Indiegogo Just In Case

Somebody up there must like me. I’m finally going to get the one feature I always felt was missing from the iPhone. A company in Tel Aviv, called Just in Case, is introducing a case for the iPhone that can record any call as well as any in-person conversation. I  have been complaining for years that Apple never allowed me to record any of my calls on the iPhone. 

Maybe Steve Jobs wanted it that way for legal reasons, but that didn’t help me record detailed information that was being dictated to me. Most states allow a call to be recorded if both sides are in agreement. 

Just In Case is presently raising money on the crowd sourcing site, Indiegogo. The case is designed for IPhone 5 and above and features an internal recording device that will allow me to record a phone call or in-person conversation without connecting to an app or an external recording source. Yippee.

All audio files are stored on a 2GB microSD card. The storage files can be expanded. A built-in battery provides up to eight hours of recording time. The best news is that the case does not draw power from the iPhone. It has its own charging port.

The cases, slated for May,  will be available in red, blue, yellow, black, and white. Retail should be around $29.00.

Bring it on!!!!   

1 thought on “Just In Case   

  1. I like this. And I know of at least five people (most of them senior), who would love to be able to record conversations for the details that are missed or forgotten. Bravo ‘Just in Case’!

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