Movi, The Video Camera For Live Events 

I love taking videos on my iPhone, and sharing them with others. I keep telling myself that I’m going to take an editing course at the Apple Store, so I can make my video productions more interesting.

I will do that eventually, but there is another option. Livestream, the number one live video broadcaster, is introducing a pocket-sized camera, the Movi, which creates videos that look like they were produced from multiple cameras.

It works in conjunction with your iPhone. Android is on the way, too. The Movi, only 2.5 inches tall and weighs 4.6 ounces, can be used with any microphone stand. You can direct the video from your iPhone once you start shooting. 

Movi automatically zooms in on points of interest and faces, so all you have to do is just tap your iPhone screen for a closer cut. Obviously, it was designed for live events where there’s lots of action. If you don’t feel like editing your video yourself, Movi can do the job for you by just detecting action points. 

It records footage at 4K resolution and includes a built-in microphone. The Movi battery runs only for an hour.  For more recording time, you can plug it in. The company also offers the Movi Boost, an accessory with 10 hours of battery life. Movi will retail at $399. 

If you pre-order before April, (when the product ships) you can get it for $199. 

Click here to buy Movi now. I loved explaining this camera to you.

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