Tips For Taking Incredible iPhone Shots

All of the photos below were taken by Emil Pakarklis on his iPhone. 


I don’t know Emil Pakarklis very well, but he has been offering very interesting  tips for taking incredible iPhone photos for quite some time on the Internet. 

If you want to take photos like this on your iPhone click here. I made it easy for you to access his video. 

Pakarklis says “Don’t get caught up in buying the latest and greatest photography  equipment. That’s how the photography industry makes billions of dollars. Nothing will make a bigger impact on your photos than learning how to take full advantage of the camera that you already have.

“And if you’re anything like me, your iPhone is probably the only camera that you have with you at all times. That’s why I created a free video revealing how you can take better photos with your iPhone than most people can take with a big camera.”

I watched the video earlier today and will be practicing some of these techniques tomorrow. Stay tuned. 



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