Alarm Clocks Make Me Nervous 

I love my iPhone but I don’t trust the alarm clock. Let me rephrase that. I don’t trust that I always set my alarm clock properly. Every time  we have to get up for an early flight, I make Eliot set the alarm on his iPhone too. 

In my opinion, there are just too many functions on the iPhone and not enough confirmations that everything is set correctly. As I get older, the paranoia about whether I set my alarm properly gets worse. I end up waking up every hour, checking the time to make sure I didn’t oversleep.

For $45.00, I can buy a simple alarm clock and not worry anymore.  Check out the Lexon InOut Alarm Clock, available in many colors. 

The alarm clock is designed by Hector Serrano. It’s an LCD alarm clock with dual display hour. It’s so simple to use. You just press  the  “plus” and “minus” buttons until you reach the desired time. You use the alarm display to turn it on or off. Batteries : 1.5 V AAA x 2.

Somehow, I just feel better relying on the Lexon for a good night sleep and an accurate wake up call.

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