From Beyond The Grave  

David Pogue of Yahoo Tech recently promised, in a series of social media posts, that he would show us how the dead can become alive again.  Watch the video from CBS’s This Morning last Sunday to see how computers can recreate a dead person.

Pogue interviewed Paul Debevec of the Institute for Creative Technologies, at the University of Southern California, who invented the Light Stage, a machine that he says “produces a series of high-resolution photos from different angles to reconstruct a 3-D model of a dead subject’s face.”

Pogue explains that “once someone has been scanned into the Light Stage, engineers can digitally recreate him or her with about 50 different facial expressions.”

This new technology may not allow dead people to stay dead. Now that’s a scary thought. People you know from the past can now show up in your future. Pogue explains in the video. Don’t miss it.

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