Nap Pods

Nap pods have been around for a few years. I first saw them in Asian airports. They were situated near the gates, so travelers could rent them for 20 minute power naps. Apparently, it was a hit with Americans like me, because now they are being used around the United States. A number of different companies make pods to sleep in.

I just found out that several New Mexico high schools have installed them in class rooms for sleep-deprived students. The National Institute of Health reports that only a third of teens are sleeping eight hours. 

The Institute recommends 10 hours a night. The sleeping pods in New Mexico were paid for through mental health grants from the state. Educators believe 20-minute naps can help students feel more refreshed and then they become more productive.

Hammacher Schlemmer feels nap pods are going to be a big business. In the future, we may see them in shopping centers, golf courses, libraries, sports arenas, co-working spaces, and theme parks.

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling the Nap Pods for $16,000. The company says, “The pod’s contoured, cushioned bed provides optimal ergonomics for napping by elevating the feet, relaxing the lower back, and slightly bending the knees, all of which promote blood circulation. Its spherical dome enclosure provides semi-privacy; a privacy visor provides additional seclusion. 

“Controlled at the armrest, a built-in timer is set to a pre-programmed 20-minute nap, but can be set to any preferred nap time. A suite of ambient rhythms plays through the built-in 200-watt Bose speaker (or headphones jack) to eliminate surrounding distractions. The pod gently wakes nappers with slowly brightening light and vibration, minimizing grogginess. White glove delivery. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. 60″ L x 57 1/4″ W x 48″ H. (310 lbs.).”

I’m rooting for the success of Nap Pods. This may be the answer to a lot of personality disorders and mean-spirited people. A little extra sleep can possibly change attitudes. We can only hope. 

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