Dr. Stuart Ungar Says A Happy Chapter Two Life Is Filled With Exploration  

My friend, Dr. Stuart Ungar, an Englishman, gave up his medical practice in London at 60 to explore other life-long passions. I interviewed him because I was curious how he made the transition into new ventures at an age when many people retire and withdraw from the rat race. Dr. Ungar offers his views on leading a rewarding and satisfying life after you give up your main career. 

Why I became a doctor.

Why did I decide to give up my practice.

What it takes to have a happy Chapter Two In Life.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Stuart Ungar Says A Happy Chapter Two Life Is Filled With Exploration  

    • Trying to trace Dr Stuart Ungar who formerly had a medical by Practice in the Princess Grace Hospital London. I now trying to ascertain who now holds my medical records . I would be most grateful is someone could contact me. Thanks

      Michael Wallis

  1. Well, Stuart, how you have changed since we were together in the Royal Free. We are both still alive though. I retired a little earlier than you but went off to be an Expedition Doctor on marine biology expeditions. I took to diving, do you remember going off to flying lessons on the back of my Velocette?

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