Apple’s New “Clip App” Is Almost Here

Image: Gadgets 360

A fun new app from Apple is about to be introduced. Called Clips, the app will let us take videos and add our very own captions and voice overs to them. It will also let us connect several video clips together. Then I can post my creations directly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. 

I might be starting a new career as a videographer. Let’s see what happens. 

The area that is definitely going to be fun is posting videos to Apple’s own Messages app. 

Now get this. Apple will recommend with whom to share videos. That is based on which friends are in my videos and whom I most frequently contact.  Software programs are totally intuitive today

Click here to read about Clips in The Verge.

In other news……

Eliot and I hosted a meet and greet Monday night in our condo for Dan Gelber, hopefully the next mayor of Miami Beach. It was a big success. We met Dan a few years ago through our friend Elaine Bloom. We were thrilled to introduce Dan to our neighbors and friends. It’s going to be an interesting political journey. 



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