Social Media 60 Years Ago 

If these dining room sets could talk, we would all hear stories about our lives growing up. It all took place around these tables. In my family, the dining room set was the core meeting place. Everyone came together to share our daily experiences. It was our social platform. 

No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Just a lot of out loud, chatter. The conversations covered the same topics as we post about today: family events, jobs, friends, holidays, health and politics. One person said something, the others commented. 

Nothing has really changed. We just used a different delivery system. Here’s to the good old days. 

4 thoughts on “Social Media 60 Years Ago 

  1. Oh my gosh Lois did you bring back memories. When we moved from Brooklyn, NY to Cambridge, MD in 1950 we had the 3rd green set in our kitchen. I can still see it now. You brought tears to my eyes! What memories.

  2. Looking at those sets, our family called them “dinette” tables, usually made of formica. The dinette sets were in the kitchen while the dining room tables and chairs were more formal and placed in the dining room. They were only used for special occasions. I really do love those pictures.

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