A Future Face Mask

A new type of mask to keep you clean and healthy.

Our Japanese tour guide said many people in her country wear face masks because they have allergies, or they don’t want to spread their head cold germs. That’s pretty considerate. I thought they wore face masks because they didn’t want to catch colds from everyone else. 
In any case, a new start-up in Brooklyn, NY, is inventing a face mask that doesn’t have to be constantly replaced. It also does a good job in filtering pollution.  The 0202 face mask has a white headpiece with a clear plastic shield so you can see the user’s face.  

The O2O2 circulates air around the lower half of your face using the two fans mounted on either side. This eliminates that sweaty feeling. The mask is said to feel like wearing a pair of glasses, nothing heavier. The circulation of the air inside the mask is designed to keep outside contaminants away from your nose and mouth.  

The O2O2 will cost $100.  If you want to read more about this new invention, click here.

Meanwhile, more photos from Takayama. 

Entering the Sunday Morning Market


We randomly selected this restaurant for lunch. It turned out to be a popular choice.

1 thought on “A Future Face Mask

  1. Loved the pictures, especially the little boy in the plaid shirt—wonder what has made him so sad! But I hate the idea of face masks, even high tech, supposedly non-invasive types, so I;ll pass!

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