Do One Thing That Scares You Everyday    

My nephew Alfredo asked me on Sunday what ever made me want to take a ride on the Thriller, a tour speed boat that averages 50 miles per hour (43.449 knots) for 45 minutes. I knew the answer but it was a complicated. 

I gave him the short version.  “I have been watching The Thriller pass by my condo window for years. I heard the exhilarating screams from joy riders and watched the boat bouncing about.  I often thought, “One day, I’ll do it.”

The other part of the story was that a couple we met on a river cruise in the South of France just emailed us to say they recently took a ride in the cockpit of a two seater Indy Car, experiencing the thrill of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track! The track was five miles long and the driver was none other than Mario Andretti. The speed was 190mph. The emailed ended by saying, “Do one thing that scares you everyday.”

This is as daring as I can get, at least for now.

My friend Ellyn had the ride of a lifetime.

The following videos and photo were taken by Valerie Cellavos 


Niece Val and nephew Alfredo are the adventurous ones.

Val and Alfredo are just two months away from moving very close to us.

The Thriller speed boat


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