Who Remembers? 

Thank you Neil Goldstein, a great friend, for the memories.

“Sign Off” Messages. Remember these? TV would go off at midnight playing the National Anthem​.​

Cars were big and colorful in the 50’s.

We Got Dressed Up for Birthday Parties. And sometimes there was even a pony there!

We played in the streets. We didn’t have to text our friends back in the day – we’d all just come outside and play!

Gas was very cheap. On some days, it was only $0.20 a gallon, and beyond that, the people at the station could also fix just about anything.

The supermarket of the day.

Our skates got locked with a key.

The drive-in was a popular movie place.

The freezer had to be defrosted.

We loved licking the icing off the beaters.

Our food was delivered on roller skates.

This was called a sock hop.

Sunday was the day when families took a ride, sometimes aimlessly.

Most families had one TV. Everyone agreed on what to watch.

We used to stand on swings to go as high as we could. No one got hurt.

Some of us could swing multiple hula hoops.

We didn’t text. We would pass notes and we rarely got caught.

We Had Xylophones. We used to pull them on a string.

No cans or plastic bottles back then. We were 100% excited when we’d find a cooler like this to get that ice cold bottle!

4 thoughts on “Who Remembers? 

  1. Oh the memories. Everything was so simple then, and less stressful. At least WE had the opportunity to grow up in those times.

  2. I finally caught up with this wonderful post, Lois. The pictures are gorgeous, and left me feeling a little heartbroken that it is all gone! I remember every single one of the items and situations pictured.

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