A 50-Year Old Birthday Present To Herself 

I just spent 1 hour and 18 minutes on the phone with Loren Pomerantz, a terrific gal who lives in the co-op apartment building in Manhattan where I used to live.”​ I had a million questions for her after I finished reading on Facebook that she was going on a year long trip to many different areas of the world. 

What caught my eye was that Loren will be traveling the world while working remotely. She signed up with a group called “Remote Year” that will be taking 65 people to 12 cities in 10 countries. All the participants have jobs but will work from remote locations that the company sets up.

Most of the travelers are in their 20s and 30s but that doesn’t bother Loren because you are basically on your own in each city. For $2,000 a month, Remote Year provides you with an apartment that has a solid Internet connection, a 24-hour co-op office space, and transportation to each city. All travelers have to separately pay to get to the first city and then back home again from the last location.

The basic idea is that people who work from home or in what I call a virtual environment, have the opportunity to travel and do their job at the same time. Remote Year is great because for an affordable price you get the basics you need to work and play in each city,  You are primarily on your own unless you call someone from the group to get together. You hopefully make new friends all the time.

You spend a month in each city so you definitely get to know what it’s like to live in each location. Loren decided to take this adventure because she wanted to give herself something special for reaching 50. She is single and wants to do this adventure without any of her friends. She is anxious to live a year traveling to far away places without any plans, or any commitments. While Loren is currently in a relationship, she still wants to go on this journey. 

Loren is subletting her apartment and making all the arrangements for being away a year. When I spoke to her today it sounded like she was having as much fun preparing for the trip as she will on the trip. I didn’t want to get off the phone.  The excitement in her voice, and the adventures of what she was going to experience, made me feel there is still a lot of living to do.

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