Amazon Has Secret Brands  

It took me a long time to like private labels. Once I understood, that in most cases, major companies were the manufacturers behind the house brands, I never snubbed my nose at them again. In fact, I now prefer them.

They’re good and they are less expensive.

That is definitely the case at Publix, our local supermarket on Miami Beach.  Publix’s private label, called Publix, is the brand of choice. When you open the pantry at many of my friend’s homes in Miami, all you will see are Publix products. The quality is the best.

Now Amazon is trying to do the same thing. They have started to sell self-produced products, but the public is not really aware they are buying an Amazon brand. The retailer has a host of brands that do not exist outside the confines of 

Here are just a few:

Arabella Lingerie

Beauty Bar Cosmetics

Denali Tools

Franklin & Freeman Men’s shoes

Happy Belly Fresh food

James & Erin Women’s clothing

Lark & Ro Women’s clothing

Mae Underwear

Mama Bear Baby products

Myhabit Consumer goods

North Eleven Women’s clothing

NuPro Tech accessories

Pike Street Linen

Pinzon (by Amazon) Linen

Scout + Ro Kid’s clothing

Single Cow Burger Frozen food

Small Parts Spare parts

Smart is Beautiful. Clothing

Strathwood Furniture

Many manufacturers are beginning to feel the squeeze. Amazon seems more interested in copying them than buying their goods. 

To read about their new crop of brands, click here




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