Are We Being Recorded ? 

Joanne Wilson

I just read a blog post written by Joanne Wilson, an angel investor, blogger, and co-founder of the Womens Entrepreneur Festival at Gotham Gal Ventures. 

Joanne is married to Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. Together, they are two of the biggest investors in the tech business. When they  give their opinion about technology trends and applications, I listen. 

Joanne just wrote about her experience with Siri and Alexa.  “Having Siri or Alexa overhearing everything in the privacy of my home and somehow knowing who else is around with their phones and then using that data to push information at me and them is something that I am absolutely not comfortable with. Those big ears might make life easier and perhaps a bit entertaining but 24/7 input is not ok. I am unplugging all of these devices immediately.”

Read more about what she has to say here


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