Facebook Reunited Me With Sweet 16 Friend  

I’m the one with my eyes closed. I was so cute. I didn’t think so at the time, but now 54 years later I see the cuteness. 

I received this photo via Facebook messenger this morning. It came from a gal I was friendly with for a few years in high school. Joanne Engel was the Annette Funicello of our high school. She was beautiful, a great figure and a fabulous singer. I expected her to be a major star.

Annette Funicello

Joanne and her husband today. It’s easy to lift someone else’s photo on Facebook.

I’m not sure what happened to her career, but yesterday I spotted her name on a list of Facebook friends that was associated with someone I know who is a talent agent. I sent her a message asking if she knew me. She instantly responded “yes,” and we set up a time to talk next week. Meanwhile, she emailed this photo to me that documented my presence at her Sweet 16. 

My talent agent friend found out that Joanne and I went to school together and she can’t believe we know each other. She knows the two of us from different walks of her life, so it’s difficult for her to comprehend the connection. 

It is pretty funny.  

I wish my eyes were open. I would have loved to frame this photo. I was hoping to recapture my thoughts way back then. That would be a treat. 

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