A Speck in the Sea

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Sosinski and Aldridge

I had a very complicated and challenging day today at work. This is nothing unusual but today I just felt a little overwhelmed. I have a list of things to do, as long as my arm, and little time to get them done.

I was wondering if anyone else outside the walls of my office was having a tough day too. Then I got a call from my friend Stephen Adler, a marketing executive and a fundraiser, who told me he had a new client and wanted me to handle the PR. 

After I heard the story behind this new client, I will never complain about a tough day again. The clients were John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski. Perhaps you know their names because they made headline news on July 24, 2013 when they had a harrowing experience in the waters off Montauk Point, Long Island, NY. 

In the middle of the night, Aldridge fell off the back of his fishing boat, the Anna Mary, while his business partner, Sosinski, slept in one of the inside cabins. The boat was on automatic pilot so it immediately moved away from where Aldridge fell. No one heard his screams. It wasn’t till hours later when Sosinski woke up, that he realized Aldridge was missing. 

Both Aldridge and Sosinski, best friends since childhood, were seasoned sailors and fisherman. The Anna Mary was their lobster fishing boat.


A newly released book, A Speck in the Sea, and a movie being made by The Weinstein Company, tells the heart-wrenching tale of survival, perseverance, and positive thinking. Aldridge spent 12 hours in the ocean in the darkness surrounded by sharks, while Sosinski led the coast guard, family and friends in the search.
After watching the feature the New York Times and CBS This Morning did on this horrific accident, (click here), I will never complain again about having a tough day.

I spoke to both friends today and we agreed that I would put together a PR plan that would help them to help others. They are anxious to motivate others to think positively and stay strong. 

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