Backup Camera For All Automobiles 

A friend of mine, John Shalam, built one of the most successful consumer electronics companies  in the United States. It was called Audiovox in 1965 when he started it in Hauppauge, Long Island. It was renamed Voxx in 2012. 

The company specializes in four areas: OEM and after-market automotive electronics, consumer electronics accessories, and consumer and commercial audio equipment.

VOXX Electronics just introduced a new product for cars which I feel is a must for all drivers. It’s a new wireless, Bluetooth backup camera that works with a smartphone. Called “LOOK-IT,” it will be available in select Best Buy stores and Crutchfield.
Many brand new cars feature a back up camera. The first time I saw it years ago I thought it was brilliant. The trouble is that the cars we bought (or leased) never offered this feature, 

I was so excited to learn that we could now buy a back up camera in the aftermarket. I first read about it in Amy Gilroy’s CE Outlook newsletter. She covers the auto industry.  

She said the “LOOK-IT includes an adjustable rear view camera that’s pre-mounted in a license plate frame. It communicates via Bluetooth 4.0 to a smartphone mounted in your car to create a do-it-yourself backup camera.

“LOOK-IT comes with a remote control that mounts on the steering wheel. Push it and it launches the camera view at any time, but the device also activates automatically in reverse and shows smart grid lines that can be calibrated.

“The new wireless camera has 4 years of battery life. It comes with a magnetic air vent mount for a smartphone. LOOK-IT was developed by Lightwave Technology, Montreal, Canada. VOXX is serving as the US distributor.”

The street price for LOOK-IT is $299.
I’m getting one for my Jeep. 


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