Smile, You’re On Facial Recognition 

Image: CNET

If you don’t like the way you look in a photograph, you are not going to like what I am about to tell you. Your face is going to replace your credit card, and perhaps cash, in the next few years.

The world is going facial recognition. It’s already started in Hangzhou, China where a local KFC has a facial recognition payment system that lets diners pay with a smile. They may be required to insert their phone numbers as well for double security purposes.

When Eliot and I traveled through the Scandinavian countries a few weeks ago, we found out that they are a cashless society. We used credit cards for everything, even a bag of potato chips or gum. I have to say that it was a relief just to use a card for everything rather than dealing with the right amount of paper and coins.

We might like the freedom by simply stepping in front of a screen and smiling.

The software programs being used today are so accurate that even if there are multiple people in your photo, the facial recognition can pinpoint exactly who you are.

The Chinese program being used at the KFC in China is called the Alipay facial recognition payment system. It’s designed by Ant Financial Services Group, an Alibaba Group affiliate. 
Companies like Samsung, PayPal, MasterCard, Apple and NEC are also testing the technology. 

You can see how facial recognition works in a CNET story. 

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