Smart Pillow Talk

You have a smart watch, a smart TV, and now possibly a smart pillow. Once you learn what the Zeeq smart pillow is capable of, you will be interested in knowing more about the overall quality of your rest. The Zeeq smart pillow tracks your sleep, stops your snoring, and streams music. 

A company press release said the pillow features snore detection and prevention, wireless music and audio via Bluetooth, sleep tracking and analysis, smart home integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa, sleep cycle alarm clock, music timer and lots more.

“The snore alarm feature uses microphones inside the pillow to detect your snoring and emit a gentle vibration when it reaches a preset decibel level so you stop snoring and adjust your sleep position without waking your partner.”

I’m anxious for someone to review the Zeeq. I would like to know if snoring can be cured this way.  Who is willing to try if I can get a review unit? 

An extra bonus is that the Zeeq app let’s you stream your favorite music, listen to audio books, listen to soothing sleep sounds or white noise. There are eight evenly-dispersed, super-thin speakers.  There is also an auto-shutoff function. 

A smart alarm activates your movement. You can then check your SleepScore on the Zeeq app. “Zeeq’s 3 axis accelerometer and audio sensors measure sleep movement and snoring to give you a helpful analysis of your nightly sleep quality.”
The retail price is $199.00





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