Counterfeit Vs. The Real Deal  

I don’t know why, but whenever I buy an expensive designer handbag, I get the feeling a few of my girlfriends think it’s a fake. That is probably because I don’t buy expensive clothes. 

I don’t bother to defend myself because what’s the point? However, I just learned about a new handheld gadget that can detect counterfeit goods. 

The device features a microscope camera that closely analyzes the print patterns, leather grain and paint work of luxury goods.

Entrupy is a New York company that designed the unit. Watch the video. Their accuracy rate is better than 98 percent for Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. That’s what they claim. 

The company has already done deals with pawnshops, wholesalers and online retailers who need to identify fakes.  The unit can be leased initially for $299 with a $99 monthly fee. It must be working. They already have 160 businesses signed up for the device which is able to inspect up to 30,000 handbags and wallets. 

I might get one too. The next time someone gives me a funny look about a new handbag that I just bought, I will encourage them do the Entrupy test. No more second guessing.

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