People Helping People 

On a trip to Croatia a few years ago, Eliot and I met an older gay couple from Houston. We kept in touch from time to time. I thought of them two days ago, and sent an email to check up on them. I can’t believe what I got back. 
Dear Lois,

It is wonderful to hear from you.  

 Our worlds have changed forever.

We have lost everything; car, house, all contents! We are living in a one room garage apartment. I am concerned about our health. Everyone in one story houses for miles around us have lost a lot. I just got Internet but no TV, radio, land phone, etc. The house is uninhabitable. It will be a total loss and I am selling the property at lot value.  

We are trying to buy a condo but I must raise a lot of cash very fast. They require cash, full payment! This morning we are signing papers on one vehicle as total loss for cash.  

My computer is acting strange, moving letters around!

We hope you are safe and I will try to email later.  

The Wall Street Journal wants to do a story about our tragic losses.

Hugs and kisses with much love,

I posted this letter on Facebook without identifying them. I was hoping to get them help. Here are the comments.

The final results. After reading my Facebook posts,  Meredith Stark, a former CBS executive, has volunteered to help my Houston friends. She said she is great at paperwork and just wants to see these guys get well again. Meredith is incredible. Thank you Meredith.

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