Amazon’s Physical Activity 

The online company that has put so many retailers out of business, is now expanding its operation with many different types of physical locations. 

I used to think that an online business truly meant online. Nope. Amazon now has physical locations in malls, shopping districts, and in industrial complexes.

The many different Amazon businesses  include:

  . Amazon Bookstores 

 . Amazon Instant

· Amazon Lockers

· Amazon Pop-Up

· Amazon Home Services

· Amazon acquired Whole Foods

· Amazon partners with Kohl’s and will start accepting Amazon returns at 82 stores in Chicago and Los Angeles. Ten stores will feature an “Amazon smart home experience.”

Business Insider recently did a great wrap up on all that Amazon has become. You can read it here.

Amazon never ceases to amaze.

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Physical Activity 

  1. The stores are a surprising addition. Historically, when successful catalogs decided to build “brick and mortar” stores, they failed miserably. I hope it’s different in their case.

  2. I can only speak for the 3 Whole Foods that I frequent in New York City. Since Amazon took over I find their shelves are often on the bare side and not stocked like they used to be. Also, these 3 stores are more lax in service and standards have gone down. Not surprised when big conglomerates take over and eventually run a good thing into the ground.

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