Text-Based Clock

If you love to text, you should know about this clock. It tells you the time in words, just like a text. The time lights up to form a sentence that tells you the time in verbal terms. It’s really a lot of fun to watch.

The bright LED lights spell out the approximate time. Many people don’t care that it’s not precise.. They prefer the feeling of being texted. Many DigiDame readers feel more comfortable with a text, as opposed to a digital display. 

It’s really weird. Telling time has certainly followed the progression of trends in the tech world: analog, digital, and now texting. For people who love words,  this clock is definitely for  you.

 Fans can find it on Amazon for $89.98. 

Our friends Bob and Alfonso are getting Paris ready for us. This is just one of their several homes. Eliot and I will be in Paris from October 20 to 26. Lucky for us, we get to see our pals in South Beach and now Paris. 





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