Look Ma, No Hands 

As much as I like to eat, I completely lose my appetite when I see a public salad bar. I get nauseous when I witness someone picking an olive, or a tomato, from the salad and then putting it directly in their mouth. Gross. 

I picture another person sneezing on the salad when no one is looking. I also imagine people touching the salad with their dirty hands. Ugh.

Chowbotics to the rescue. A Silicon Valley start-up, called Chowbotics, has developed a salad bowl robot that will  assemble salads out of precut vegetables stored in refrigerated canisters. Chowbotics hopes to reduce the risk of bacteria and debris in salads by using robots to prepare and serve to the public. 

Called Sally, the robot is designed to prepare food in restaurants, cafeterias and hotels, as well as food courts in airports, malls and hospitals. Sally uses 20 different food canisters to prepare and serve more than 1,000 different types of salads.

Sally is ready for distribution.

More in the New York Times 


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