Paris, Day One

We love to travel. In fact, right now we are in Paris because on Tuesday, the CES Show, the most famous in terms of innovation and size, is hosting an exhibition for tech start-ups. I wanted to attend the show, called CES Unveiled Paris, because by the time these companies arrive in the United States, some other PR agent has grabbed them up. 

CES hosts tech start up exhibitions all over the world, but this year the French are really flexing their muscles (how’s that for a pun) in tech innovation. A lot of French companies are getting involved in robots, augmented reality, the Internet of Things and drones.

We walked into the ground floor of LE BHV Marais, the world-famous department store, and the first thing we were greeted by was a robot. I’m sure I will be seeing more of this product at Unveiled Paris. 

We will all own robots one day.

The sign that explains why everyone needs to buy one.

It takes a while for folks to figure out what they are looking at.

I really went to the LE BHV Paris because I heard they opened an Anthropologie boutique on the first floor. Saw it, loved it. Not big enough for my buying habits. Most of my 35 kimonos come from Anthropologie. Yes, I counted. I’m obsessed with kimonos. I love being able to throw one on over TV shirts and jeans, and then being dressed up.

We walked all over Paris today thanks to my long time friend Bob Risse who lives here, South Beach, Rio, San Francisco and one other place I can’t remember. He rents out his homes as  Airbnbs so he just keeps piling the properties on. 

Bob, Eliot and I met in the early ‘90s. Bob had one of the first website building companies, and a few years later sold it to a travel company for millions. He has been traveling and buying real estate since. Tomorrow, we are visiting Versailles together.

We actually walked more but this is what was captured.

Celebrating the Olympics coming to Paris.

The Luxembourg Palace, built (1615–1645) to be the royal residence of the regent Marie de’ Medici, mother of Louis XIII of France

Bob is a selfie professional.

It doesn’t take much to get Bob to show off his tattoos.

Celebrating our 30 year friendship


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