An Afternoon In Paris  

Jews are alive and living well in Paris. We hear different in the U.S. but after questioning a few Jewish folks in Paris, the general response was, “At the moment everything is fine, but we live in a crazy world so we don’t take anything for granted.” Eliot was asked to put on Tefillin (also called phylacteries) by a local rabbi who spotted Eliot on the street in the Marais area and they said a prayer. Tefillin is a set of small black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah. They are worn by male observant Jews during weekday morning prayers. 


We went to the Picasso Museum in Paris today and guess who I saw? I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a treat. My interview is below.

Pablo Picasso

Lois:  Pablo, what are you doing here? I thought you were dead. 

Pablo: I was, but after I heard about Harvey Weinstein, I wanted to come back to defend myself. I don’t want people to think I attacked women. I loved them. I never had one complaint. All of them were  happy. Harvey ruined it for all men who like a little variety. The last few women I flirted with immediately called their lawyers. I don’t need heartache. I’ve had enough.”

Lois: Are you still painting?

Pablo:  Painting? You call that painting?  All of my work in this museum was done when I was suffering from migraines. I would shut my eyes and swirl the paint brush around on the canvas. These weird looking women would appear. I didn’t say anything because everyone seemed to think they were genius. 

“I just finished listening to the audio guide they hand out when you enter the museum. Where do they get that crap? I didn’t paint a plant coming out of a woman’s uneven breasts. I dropped my caesar salad  on the canvas. That’s where it landed.  It’s so obvious that I can’t believe that millions of folks listen to the so called art experts. They don’t know what they are talking about. It’s fake news.”

Lois:  What do you think of Donald Trump? 

Pablo:  I’m glad I got out when I did. 

More photos from our afternoon at Picasso’s museum.

6 thoughts on “An Afternoon In Paris  

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  2. Love your interview with Pablo (the rascal!). Good that he got out when he did. He’d be in the line of fire for sure. Thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures of Parisians, some so stylish, some not so much. They wear more black than New Yorkers do! (maybe that’s where that trend stated!)

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