“Powered Clothing” For Seniors    

I am hoping to find a number of exhibits at CES in January that will be dedicated to making  clothing that will feature motors, sensors  and artificial intelligence in order to help the elderly with movement, including standing, sitting and bending.

Please watch the video to see how the “powered clothing” works.

I only know of two companies that have come together to make this type of apparel: famous Swiss designer Yves Behar, and a robotics company, called Superflex.

Béhar is the founder and principal designer of Fuseproject, an award-winning industrial design and brand development firm. He is also the chief creative officer of the wearable technology company Jawbone, and co-founder and chief creative officer of August, a smart lock company.

Superflex was born out of a nonprofit research organization called SRI International. It’s main objective is robotic augmentations for people who need help with every day tasks. 
The material being used is an origami like fabric  expands as needed. According  to a company description, “The power is housed in hexagonally shaped low-profile shells. It targets specific points in order to provide necessary support while maximizing ergonomics. The lightweight suit is able to connect to the wearers main muscle points while effectively acting as a second supportive skin.”

The suits should be available in early 2018. I will show you the reviews as soon as they become available. I will even try to get trial products for  some of our DigiDame readers to test.

Who wants to try and review powered clothing first? 



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