Learning Spanish   

We are going to make one more attempt at learning to speak and read Spanish. We have been living in Miami full time for over a year, and we would love to speak Spanish to a lot of our Latino friends.  We also would love to communicate with our French and Italian friends. 0ne language at a time.

We heard from many friends on the Internet that the Babbel app is the way to go. The ads for   Babbel say, “if we give it one hour a day, for three weeks, we could be having a conversation with someone in Spanish within a month. Our expectations are not that high. We will be happy if we can increase our Spanish vocabulary little by little.

It would also be nice to learn Italian and French so we can talk to strangers when we travel, or if we meet new folks in the United States. The reason for this sudden ambition is because we were told that Babbel is so easy to use. It sounds too good to be true. We will let you know.

6 thoughts on “Learning Spanish   

  1. Yo creo que es importante practicar cada dia con otros personas solamente en español. Es mas facil usar ingeles, pero yo creo que es importante aprendir palabras vocabularias. Tambien, me gusta hablar y escribir porque hay importante en la lingua. Yo hablo español con padres, secretarias, y maestros en mi trabajo.

  2. Larry, my Mom and I are going to Spain for 17 days in May. I think I will get this App. Larry speaks fairly good Spanish but I’m another story. I took it in high school so I understand a little bit but I like the idea of a 15 minute lesson every day.

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