Interactive Public Art 

Image: SLS Hotel photo of art installation.

I don’t know why I am so fascinated by technology, but I am. When I walked into the SLS Brickell hotel in downtown Miami yesterday afternoon, I was thrilled to see a large interactive installation  called “Monkey See, Monkey You.” 

Video by Steve Greenberg 

The lobby had a lot of interesting art pieces, but the large interactive screen was a big draw. All you had to do was approach the screen and the monkeys start moving. A few seconds later the playful monkeys start mimicking your poses and then movements. It’s a great way to make guests feel they are a member of the hotel community. 

I asked the concierge how the screen worked, but she didn’t have any available written details. She did think the system was being programmed by an XBox Microsoft system, a video games console. I tried to research the system being used but I couldn’t find any descriptions.

Enjoy the video.

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