Marcia Grand Is Being Honored 

Eliot and I are in NYC because our good friend, Marcia Grand, is being inducted into the Consumer Technology Hall of Fame, November 7th, at the Rainbow Room. She was VP/Publisher of TWICE magazine, a leading trade publication, for decades.

Many distinguished members of the industry will attend the event to honor Marcia because she was so dedicated, passionate, and super successful as a newspaper publisher. She was a very serious worker and thoroughly enjoyed her career. I can’t think of many people, like Marcia, who were so satisfied and proud of their work. 

Eliot and I truly admired her career. However, none of that can compare to her love and devotion to her husband Richie, daughter Alison, granddaughter Sage, and son-in-law Gavin. She is also very close to her sister and brother. Marcia is not shy about telling you how grateful she is for having them all in her life, and never misses a chance to outwardly express her love to each and everyone of them. 

I would say Marcia is one lucky lady, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. Marcia made her luck. She took nothing for granted and worked very hard for everything she has today, I think that’s why so many folks are turning out to honor her. Here is a chance to rejoice and smell the sweet scent of success. 

Steve Smith, a dear associate of Marcia, published a story about her the other day.

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