Photo Stories 

Look what Eliot came across yesterday while walking the streets of Manhattan.

Roy Rogers visited my girl friend Marilyn’s house in Maryland for the afternoon after doing a business venture with her father’s shirt company. That is Marilyn to the left in 1957.

That’s actor Larry David in the middle with the glasses. He was a school pal of my friend Marilyn’s brother, far left. Larry was a cab driver in NYC after graduating the University of Maryland. Everyone wondered when Larry was going to get a real job.

Legendary PR guru Bob Zarem, creator of the “I Love New York” campaign, is the one in the center. My friends Rich and Jan live in the same Savannah community with him. They just had dinner with Bobby and sent this photo to make me jealous. I am.

This is my best friend Bonnie since the second grade. 4 times in the last 10 years someone asked us if she was my daughter. You couldn’t give Bonnie a better present than hearing that she looks so much younger than me.

We had dinner with our former neighbor Josh Rubinger tonight. We watched him record everything he ate for the day. The app he uses let’s him know how much weight he is going to lose and when.

The first Anthropologie store in Paris. I love this chain.

Artist Allen Hirsch created this piece of art from his collection of books.

I only have eyes for you.

6 thoughts on “Photo Stories 

  1. Love them all! Larry David drove a taxi in NYC, not Maryland, after he graduated from the University of Maryland. They were in TEP Fraternity together. Larry was President and my brother was Treasurer.

  2. This is wonderful, thank you for sharing this with me, and everyone! I even remember Marilyn in 1957, how about that!

  3. Loved all the photos! Have heard so much about Lois and now I can imagine
    her sitting in the pews!!
    I remember Marilyn from 1957…was
    that ONLY 60 years ago?!?!

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