Andrea Peyser Found 

I must have Googled the name “Andrea Peyser” at least 50 times over the last three months. The New York Post writer has been missing from the pages of this tabloid for quite a while.

Photo of Andrea Peyser courtesy, of New York Post.

I didn’t think she was fired because she was loved by so many readers.  I felt if she quit, she would have written a farewell note. There was nothing published about Andrea. Believe me, I looked.

Then out of nowhere, Andrea surfaces. I immediately thought I was going to read about her taking a sabbatical to write a book, or she just needed a break. Instead, I got a shock. Andrea has multiple sclerosis.

She admitted that she was diagnosed with MS in 2008, but decided to keep it quiet until now. It was becoming too obvious to deny. Andrea is just not that mobile anymore. She needs the aid of a walker and wheelchair.

It’s difficult to imagine that the woman, who has such a wicked and twisted way of writing, is being held back. She is the one who attacked. Nothing attacked her. Her talent for going for the jugular, kept millions of readers devoted fans.

I got to work with Andrea during my Samsung days. The stunts that we pulled off were definitely one of the highlights of my career.  I just loved watching her take a story and then reshaping it into a profound, yet dramatic piece. 

I sometimes cringed when I read her copy.  I was scared who she was going to offend. Very few people have the command of the English language like Andrea did. I wish her well.  I truly miss her.

To read her piece in the NY Post, click here.

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