Electronic Calendar Vs. Paper

It took me a long time to give up recording everything on paper, but I finally did it three years ago. I enjoy carrying the details of my life and business on my smartphone. No more heavy stacks of paper in my handbag. 

Then I saw my daughter Whitney using a small pocket-size paper calendar. You can’t get anyone more digitally-oriented than Whitney, so I asked her why she was using paper. She said she likes looking at her appointments, a month at a time. Paper calendars allow you to do that.

I immediately started using a paper calendar again. If Whitney is using a paper calendar, so can I.  I must admit that I loved marking everything down in pen and then using color pencils to circle the events. It’s very therapeutic.

Much to my surprise, I saw Whitney using an electronic calendar on her smartphone at dinner the other night. I said, “What’s up with that?” She admitted that she went back to an electronic calendar for security reasons.  A paper calendar can get easily lost, or end up in the wrong hands. Electronic calendars are password protected.

You guessed it. I’m going back to my calendar on my iPhone because of the security reasons Whitney mentioned. I misplaced my paper calendar a few times this past week. I can’t afford to lose my notes. Once you post something on your electronic calendar, it automatically appears in the calendar sections of your laptop and iPad,

I just have to spend a little more time learning the nuances of a digital calendar so I can truly appreciate all that it has to offer. I can’t keep switching back and forth. 

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